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How to improve breast milk

Recently, on the shelves of stores have a huge selection of blends, breast-milk substitutes. However, none of the product is no substitute for the baby mother's milk. And for a successful and long-term breast-feeding women need to monitor the composition of breast milk, but with a decrease in its quality to take all measures for improvement.

How to improve breast milk

You will need:

Lactation teas, fresh and quality products.

Instruction on how to improve breast milk

Step 1:

Of course, the quality of milk depends on genetic predisposition. But this is not the main reason for the success of lactation. Consider a few ways to improve breast milk. The first rule: a good mood nursing mothers - a pledge of quality lactation. Try to keep the peace of mind and tranquility. Stress and emotions greatly reduce the production of breast milk.

Step 2:

The second rule - do not neglect written out in the clinic lactation teas. Even if they do not directly impact on the quantity of milk, herbal, in any case, very useful for the organism as a whole.

Step 3:

Rule Three - proper nutrition. One of the reasons that many women give up breastfeeding, unwillingness to comply sufficiently tough, but necessary diet. From the diet of nursing mothers eliminated all sweets, red fruits and vegetables, groceries, changing the taste of milk (onion, garlic), foods that cause unrest and, as a consequence, increased flatulence (grapes, cabbage, beans), citrus fruits, all sodas, any products containing artificial colors and flavors. Such a strict regime of power is particularly important to observe in the first 3-5 months until the baby's digestive system is not fully formed.

Step 4:

And finally, the fourth rule - many mothers correctly point out that, after walking outdoors milk comes better, therefore, if possible, spend more time on the street. And remember: breast milk - is not only a food baby, but also its security. So try to maintain breastfeeding for as long as possible, then your child will be happy and healthy.