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How to improve memory and attention in a child

An attentive baby with a good memory will not be difficult to go to school. But not all kids have these beneficial qualities, so attention and memory must be developed from an early age.

How to improve memory and attention in a child

Instruction on how to improve memory and attention in a child

Step 1:

Good memory - it is the most important component of intelligence. Child Memory is voluntary and involuntary. Something interesting and bright kid will remember easily - it's involuntary memory. In order to make an arbitrary memory, you need to make an effort. Therefore, all classes are held in a playful form.

Step 2:

Take a new toy and show it to the child, let him in for a minute to consider it carefully. Then, remove the toy and baby, ask her to describe in detail: color, shape, detail. You can ask to describe the appearance and clothing of a familiar person: friend or relative.

Step 3:

Lay on the table a few items, let the baby to remember them. Then ask the kid to turn away and quietly remove one thing. The child must understand what the object is not enough on the table. This simple game trains attention crumbs.

Step 4:

It is important to fully develop the child. Walk with him to the circus, the theater for children's plays, that he communicates with the other children. During the walk to show and try speaking the baby names found in your way of trees, plants, animals and birds. Today's children are good at remembering names and color machines, bright windows and unusual names of streets and shops. After trekking to visit or a casual walk ask your child, "Do you remember the color of Viti was a bicycle?" Or "What is the name the girl with whom you are now playing in the sandbox?". Gradually, the child will master this game, and would be happy to remember all occurred during the events of the day with him.

Step 5:

Read with your child fairy tales and stories, teaching songs and poems. This is a great way to train memory and memories. In addition, children who read a more extensive vocabulary. Develop focus and concentration help puzzles and a variety of designers. Thanks to these studies in a playful way you will strengthen children's memory, and your baby will be more attentive and smart.