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How to improve the child's attention

In psychology, identify several types of attention. External - the attention that respond to the world around us. The internal focus is on your own thoughts and emotions. Attention is controlled (arbitrary) and involuntary - arising spontaneously as a reaction to a bright external event.

How to improve the child's attention

You will need:

knowledge of educational games, consulting a child psychologist, toys, educational focus,

Instruction on how to improve the child's attention

Step 1:

Increase the amount of attention with the help of simple games. Lay on the table a few items, let the baby for a while look at them, take in hand, will tell you what it is used (why do we need the clock, pen, button). If the child does not know certain things, explain to him their purpose. Give it to not more than five minutes. Cover the items with a thick cloth and ask the kid to list the things that he remembered. Lift the cloth and check with him that he missed, and he called. Repeat the game until the child will call all of the items. For starters, take 10 things. Then complicate the game, increasing the number of items.

Step 2:

Develop concentration toddler. To this end, more engaged with him in activities requiring concentration. For example, sculpt from plasticine funny characters, paint, collect mosaic, but, for example, turn on the music in the room. Complicate the task: turn on the radio. Let the kid at the same time with the game in the machine listens to a story or an interesting children's radio program. Make the sound louder, the child's return to the main activity, if it starts to get distracted.

Step 3:

Teach your toddler to switch attention from one activity to another. This way you can avoid the distraction of attention. For this offer to switch from one game to another. Or the game - to home affairs (give the kid a little job on the farm - to wipe the dishes, pour the flower, to get out in my room).

Step 4:

Play with your baby in the game, developing attention. For example, use interesting training for younger students. Give your child some text (the page from a magazine, newspaper or book). Let him find all the letters "o" in the text and their obvedet green pencil. Then - all the "l" and obvedet their red pencil. Through such games children learn to concentrate and focus on one activity.