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How to improve the child's performance

Many parents are very concerned about academic performance of children. In pursuit of good grades, you can forget that it is not an indicator of education. They appreciate not knowledge, but rather a combination of factors faced by the student. Therefore, the cherished five should not be so, for what is really worth learning.

How to improve the child's performance

Instruction how to improve the child's performance

Step 1:

Find the cause of the failure. There is no way that a child learns bad on all the subjects. Even drawing or exercise he likes. Identify exactly those subjects for which there is a problem. Take a good look, what topics cause difficulties. For example, there are problems with punctuation, but less good with spelling. Or writing good English words, and remember their child can not. This detailed analysis will help you understand on what exactly will have to work hard, and to avoid psychological problems.

Step 2:

Talk with the teacher. Perhaps the reason lies in the failure of the child's personal relationship with the teacher. In this case, tactfully tell the teacher about the child's problems. Together you have to find a way out of this situation. Maybe the child is not established relationships with classmates, and all the lessons are converted into a torture for him. Or he is not very active in the classroom because of his shyness and it's not in knowledge. Just a student should be confident in their own abilities and help him to be liberated.

Step 3:

Do not turn in homework or torture offense. You need to help your child catch up, rather than instill in him a sense of guilt for what he did not meet your expectations. Remind him about the past achievements, cheer, that he will succeed, and you love him absolutely anything, not successful and with good grades.

Step 4:

If you can not help your child in certain subjects on their own, invite a tutor. Often people emancipated by foreign children and think freely. And the person who pays money for his work, will not allow ourselves to arbitrary behavior and put an hour will do just learned.

Step 5:

Do not focus on the child that he has a problem. It should not be confined to the subject of endless cramming - childhood has not been canceled. And the atmosphere in the family strongly affects the child's academic performance. Do not bring all the talk only to study.