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How to improve the child's sleep

Healthy sleep - a component of good mood and good health, is not it? Why do young mothers are exhausted, tired and drooping? Because they do not get enough sleep, they do not have time and the whole time fussing over the baby. All assert that the mother must sleep during the day and at night with the child to recover soon after birth, and to adapt to the new role. Mama do not mind, and the kids do not sleep. Daytime sleep is interrupted by weeping, and the night feedings, however, there are many tips on how to improve the child's sleep. Try it!

How to improve the child's sleep

You will need:

Encyclopedia childcare, humidifiers, night light, toys, pajamas, a book of fairy tales, infinite patience and love.

Instruction on how to improve the child's sleep

Step 1:

Fresh air has beneficial effects on human sleep. Walk a little longer, well-ventilated area. In the sweltering and dusty room, difficult to fall asleep, sleep becomes disturbing. If the air is too dry - purchase a humidifier or indoor fountain. At a time when the houses include heating, most children appear runny nose - the body does not have time to get used to a change of air. In order to facilitate breathing and to freshen the room, take a bath towel, a good soak, gently squeeze and hang on the door or on the battery.

Step 2:

Organize a place to sleep. If your baby sleeps in a crib, then nothing should stop him. That is no toy tweeter coloring should not be in bed. An exception may be one thing, namely, doll or bear, with whom the child is asleep. And sleep on a daily basis, and the toy becomes a prerequisite in preparing for bed.

Step 3:

Sleepwear. The child should not overheat or freeze in a dream, this is the first. And the second, the clothes, in which the baby sleeps should not be used during the day. Optional buy pajamas, you can sleep in your favorite t-shirt or vest. Blanket choose in accordance with the time of year, do not wrap up the child and does not hinder his movements.

Step 4:

Lighting. At night, enjoy the best night light with soft scatter light, large chandeliers include expensive and without light in a certain period babies are simply afraid to sleep. In the afternoon, you can draw the curtains for the baby it will be like a "bell" that it is time for a quiet hour.

Step 5:

Silence. About the night, you can not mention any normal person does not sleep enough, if someone makes a noise. The situation with day bed - controversial. All babies are different, you can talk about their business, watching TV, and the child will sleep. And other parents sitting as a mouse, while child is sleeping. Both options are not quite true, that if you combine, you get a fine.

Step 6:

waking time should be saturated, active games, dressing, feeding, funny songs, dancing and a fun bag. Tired child falls asleep easily. Babies sleeping peacefully when all their needs are satisfied. Make sure that the baby has been fed, dressed and calm.

Step 7:

Create a tradition of bedtime. It includes daily rituals such as taking a bath, a glass of warm milk, a good fairy tale, read by her mother, favorite plush toy at hand. It is easier to tune in to the holiday. In the evening, an hour and a half before bedtime, do not allow your child to "rave" overexcited kid raskapriznichaetsya faster than asleep.