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How to improve the endometrium

The endometrium (from the Latin - endometrium) - the inner endometrium body shell. It is a complex, multi-component system consisting of a coating and glandular epithelium, stroma, the basic substance of the blood vessels. Endometrial functions are to create conditions that are optimal for the implantation of the blastocyst in the uterus. During pregnancy, the endometrial glands and increases the number of blood vessels. Proliferation of vascular layer part of the placenta, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the embryo. So how do you improve the endometrium?

How to improve the endometrium

Instruction on how to improve the endometrium

Step 1:

If the endometrium was not mature enough at the time of the desired conception, its offensive or simply will not happen, either (with high probability) be interrupted pregnancy in the early stages. Therefore, the mucosa should be inspected and, in some cases to treat.

Step 2:

To improve the endometrium doctor usually prescribe you a comprehensive treatment. It includes drug therapy, ie administration of drugs designed to increase estrogen in the body (such as estradiol, estrofem, mikrofollin, Divigel, Proginova). In some cases, can help physiotherapy, acupuncture, hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches), plasmapheresis, ozone therapy, magnetic therapy and others.

Step 3:

If insufficient endometrial directly associated with uterine hypoplasia, held a long course of hormone therapy, aimed at filling the lack of certain hormones and "Rearing" authority. In this case the chances of improving endothermy and the possibility of fertilization is directly dependent on the degree of underdevelopment.

Step 4:

If a woman has previously interrupted pregnancy by curettage, especially if abortion was made on a low professional level, and even more so - is a medical institution, it may create intractable problem. If you remove all of the functional layer of the uterus of the woman is deprived of the basics from which would develop at least some endometrium.

Step 5:

In practice, the complete removal of the endometrium is rare. However, women should be aware of the problem and if possible not to bring the case before the abortion. After all, if the endometrium meet "only" some places where the layer and can not be restored, achieving pregnancy is problematic!