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How to improve the immunity of the child

The immune system of children develops gradually, and only 5-6 years reaches adult levels. This is due to the slow formation of their own immunoglobulins, which protect the body from various infections and viruses. Therefore, the immune system of children is necessary to maintain and strengthen in various ways.

How to improve the immunity of the child

Instruction on how to improve the baby immunity

Step 1:

The immunity of the child as an adult is present at different levels. For example, to the organs of the lymphatic system include the tonsils. The lymphocytes are formed that protect the body from various pathogens. Therefore, to maintain this function prevents colds in children, and spend a full treatment when they occur. And for the prevention of child frequent colds tempers the sun, water, air, massages and gymnastics, or charging.

Step 2:

To improve the immunity of the child maintain a normal secretion of the stomach, because the bactericidal effect of gastric juice is able to decontaminate and suppress bacteria entering into the stomach with food. To this end, proper diet Organize your child does not disturb the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Step 3:

The diet of the child is required to do a balanced and diverse, with enough protein foods - meat, fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetable purees and juices, various cereals. It will fill the body and the baby needed nutrients, lack of which can lead to a violation of the secretory function of the stomach.

Step 4:

No less significant is the protective barrier of the intestine. Due to the lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria in the intestine walls there is a development of its own interferon - a protein substance that enhances the immune system. Therefore, already in the first year of baby's life, take measures to prevent dysbiosis. To do this, again, create a child a healthy diet, daily consumption of yogurt or sour milk (at night), moderate consumption of sweets and bakery products and the elimination of hazardous and non-natural products.

Step 5:

To improve the immunity of the child, let him twice a year multivitamins, tempers and avoid hypothermia in periods of cooling. Protect the baby from various exposures - TV, computer and other equipment, as well as inhalation of tobacco smoke and other toxic substances. These negative factors can significantly reduce the immunity of the child.