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How to improve the quality of breast milk

Health and development of the baby in the first year of life depends on the quality of breast milk, which it feeds. Studies have shown that it contains substances that form the growing immunity of the organism. Therefore, any mother should seriously approach the issue of power grudnichka. It is known that the composition and volume of milk depends on its power and the regime.

How to improve the quality of breast milk

Instruction on how to improve the quality of breast milk

Step 1:

Change your diet. Eat 5-6 times a day (as much as eating a child) for 30-40 minutes before feeding. This contributes to a better lactation. The regime should include breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and dinner.

Step 2:

Diversify your menu. Eat more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean meat, fish, vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are needed to replenish the vitamins and minerals in the body of the child and mother. They are a source of fiber that stimulates the bowels. Babies often have problems with digestion, so dietary fiber, they are essential.

Step 3:

In the autumn-winter period (when not enough fruits and vegetables) to take vitamin-mineral complexes, dried fruit, juices.

Step 4:

For the same purpose, to eat more dairy products. They recommend to include breakfast, lunch, and before going to bed. Dairy products enrich breast milk bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which are indispensable in the process of digestion. Besides, they stimulate the immune system and the mother and child. A calcium contained in such products, it is necessary for bone formation baby.

Step 5:

To improve lactation drink 15-20 minutes before feeding a child a cup of tea with milk or stewed, broth hips, the infusion of seeds of cumin or fennel tea with oregano or lemon balm, carrot juice.

Step 6:

You can take over the entire feeding hydrolyzate dry brewer's yeast 1 teaspoon 2 times a day. It improves the quality of milk, increasing its content in proteins and fats.

Step 7:

To improve the quality of milk, take dry fortified infant formula, enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Step 8:

To improve lactation important full-day rest and night sleep at least 8 hours. In addition, more are in the fresh air and tranquil surroundings.