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How to improve your child's reading technique

To create a child fluent reading skills, parents should learn the technique is to use a variety of games to improve reading techniques. The child can not develop well without learning to read quickly.

How to improve your child's reading technique

Instruction on how to improve the child's reading technique

Step 1:

The more parents will come up with different games to teach children to read, the faster it will start to read quickly and without errors. The main thing that your actions are not strained baby, the game should be fun and interesting. Take the simple words and letters change places. Let the child guess which word is encrypted. First, do the exercise themselves, so he understood what was wanted of him, and then ask the child to try to do it yourself. Try to praise him every time the word is guessed. The child needs support and encouragement. Next time you can make a "wrong" sentence of 3-4 words. As a result, the child read the plain text will be much more comfortable reading technique will improve significantly.

Step 2:

Suggest a son or daughter to read at a time. Let him lead his finger, saying the words to himself, as you read aloud the first paragraph. You can then swap places. The child will read aloud to you, and you pretend that your finger across the strings. Do not play the teacher and student, it is better to be on an equal footing with the child, the trust is the key to successful learning.

Step 3:

Connect with reading drawing. Take a sheet of paper, write using a word white candle, and then ask the child to take in the hands of paint and paint the sheet. Explain to your child that it will be a surprise. As will be shown white letters, the child will be nothing left, how to read it. In order to surprise and please the child, write a candle that chocolate waiting for it in the refrigerator. Let the reading is associated in his mind with pleasant things. But next time do not repeat yourself, think of something else.

Step 4:

In fact, there are many techniques relating to readings. It all depends on your imagination. Try to keep your requests expressed at the outset on paper. Do not rush to give the job over the phone, it is better to leave the child notes in prominent places. You can buy a special board (currently these are sold in stores), where with the help of buttons, each member of the family leaves another message. Write in the notes, where and when to go back. Let it become a habit for all family members, then the child is accustomed to write his notes and read others.