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How to increase breast after feeding

Breast-feeding after the change, and in most cases not for the better. To increase it without surgery, will have to work hard. Strengthen muscles, tighten the breast and give it a nice shape helps set of exercises.

How to increase breast after feeding

You will need:

- dumbbells.

Instruction how to increase breast after feeding

Step 1:

Start to perform a set of exercises for the chest with a warm-up. Stand on the floor, feet shoulder width apart, arms down. Each arm alternately move 5 times back and forth. In the future, increase the number of repetitions to 15 times.

Step 2:

Connect palms at chest level and strongly push them against each other. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Step 3:

Push-ups from the floor first 5 times, then increase the number to 20. Hands arrange as much as to the chest load was possible. If you find it difficult to carry out this exercise on the floor, pushes away from the wall. With all the force push your hands on the wall, clinging to it, and relax, moving away from her.

Step 4:

Clasp your hands together in the lock and lift them above his head. First bend to the side, and then forwards and backwards. Pull arms without bending your elbows, do not lower them and not trip. Perform each exercise 5 times, every day increasing the load up to 50 repetitions.

Step 5:

Tilt your hands behind your head to the left and right shoulder, revealing a "lock". Try to lower the arms back as much as possible below. This is an exercise to strengthen the muscles of the chest, repeat as many times as in the previous task.

Step 6:

Take a dumbbell in one hand. Raise it to the shoulder, bending the arm at the elbow. Then add to this exercise lifting dumbbells up. Alternate hands and repeat the exercise 20 times.

Step 7:

Take one dumbbell with both hands, palms up, slowly lift and lower your hands at least 20 times.

Step 8:

Hold a dumbbell in both hands, bend forward and extending, lifting them over the head with her hands. Repeat 20 times.

Step 9:

Bend forward, arms out to the sides and stronger cross them in front of him so that the brush touches the back. Relax your arms and repeat the exercise 10 times.