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How to increase breast milk

In the first hours and days after the birth mother is the main task of the power of the newborn and then care for them. So you should try and make every effort and knowledge to increase the amount of breast milk, and not leave her baby without it needs nutrients.

How to increase breast milk

Instruction how to increase the amount of breast milk

Step 1:

Milk production develops gradually. And if the first few days the baby is content with his small amount, then on the second and third day, it requires a full volume of food. And the effect on the volume of breast milk several factors. This power breastfeeding mothers, breast-feeding and proper pumping, as well as physical and emotional state during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Step 2:

To increase the amount of breast milk, eat properly, fully and diversely. In the first days after birth, drink plenty of fluids - sweet milk tea, milk, juice. Eat dairy products - cheese, butter, sour cream. Include in the diet foods that stimulate the production of breast milk - brewer's yeast, halva, nuts, watermelon, tea and nettle cumin 1 tablespoon 3 times per day (20 g of dry grass in 1 liter of water). Try all in a small amount and do not use all the tools at once.

Step 3:

From the first hours after birth, often nursing baby. Instead of the 7 times apply to the chest 8-9 times. this is the most effective means to increase the production of breast milk. Maintain proper feeding techniques, the baby seized the nipple areola with fully.

Step 4:

After each feeding express breast, even if there's nothing left. Expressing even small amounts stimulates the mammary glands and milk production. In addition, frequent pumping develop breasts and nipples do less painful during feeding. If the technique of pumping need assistance, please refer to observable, or the doctor on duty.

Step 5:

It is enough to get enough sleep, relax and to make long walks with your baby. This is useful for stabilizing the nervous system that is unstable enough postpartum and physical wellbeing. Avoid stress and unpleasant situations. This indirectly affects the production of milk.