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How to increase the amount of milk in the breast

Many women who are breastfeeding, are concerned the question of whether the baby enough milk? And it happens that it is really not enough. But this problem is completely solved, the main thing - patience and a positive attitude.

How to increase the amount of milk in the breast

Instruction how to increase the amount of milk in the breast

Step 1:

Before you sound the alarm, it is necessary to check whether the crumbs are not enough milk. There is a simple test. Leave your baby on one day without diapers and observe carefully how many times he pee. If 10-12 times, then, all right, but if only 5-6, you do not make a mistake. If you have electronic scales for weighing babies, you can check the amount of milk another way - to weigh the baby before and after feeding. Count the number of the day. It should be 1/5 of the weight of the baby.

Step 2:

For milk production meets the hormone prolactin, which is formed during the suckling baby. This pledge of milk production in the subsequent hours. By the way, the most intense of the hormone produced in the body lactating mothers in the period from 3 am to 8 am. Therefore, night feeding - a guarantee of a good and long lactation. A selection of breast milk depends on another hormone - oxytocin. He also produced when a pipsqueak suckles. Therefore it is better not to feed your baby on a schedule, and on-demand.

Step 3:

For good milk production is important mothers day mode. It is clear that with the baby a lot of trouble, but the mother should sleep. If you do not seize the time at night, take a nap with the baby during the day. Walk with the child for at least 2 hours a day. Drink plenty of fluids. Half an hour before feeding drink a cup of hot tea. Eat right. Diet nursing mother should be varied and nutritious. On the day you should consume at 700-1000 calories more than usual. Eat more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and do not forget about meat.

Step 4:

After feeding, it is recommended to do massage shower according to R. H. Seitz: breasts, which fed the baby obleyte warm water, massaging in circular motions from the nipple to the periphery and expressing milk. About the massage should not be forgotten is the bathroom. Massage your breasts before each feeding.

Step 5:

When feeding, try to make you and the baby were the most stripped to reach the contact "skin to skin". Relax, unwind, you can feed the baby lying in the bed. Joint sleep is also very good effect on milk production. But even if the baby is sleeping alone, do not rush to wean him from the night feeding.

Step 6:

In nursing mothers, and there are many recipes for improving milk production. I still do not cease debate - whether or not the sorts of teas and juices increase the amount of milk or a woman psychologically adjusts itself. Still worth a try - a salad of carrots, seasoned with cream or carrot juice mixed with milk - broth nettle - tea with milk - radish juice with honey. In half a cup of grated radish - a tablespoon of honey. - Mix in equal parts cumin, anise, nettles and dandelion roots, pour boiling water. Take twice a day after meals.

Step 7:

The most important thing - a positive attitude and a desire to breastfeed. Do not be afraid of difficulties and not very listen to the advice of others. Of course, you can often hear the really useful information, but often women who do not breastfeed too long trying to prove to you that it is time to finish feeding mixture. Take your time, believe that you will succeed, and it will be so! Scientists have proved that the desire and effort possible to restore extinct lactation.