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How to increase the appetite of the baby

The first six months of life natural nutrition for baby - breast milk. But after six months, it is already possible to begin to lure the baby food that is eaten by adults. A variety of standards on child nutrition, but mothers are often faced with such a situation, the child does not want to have that amount which recommends a pediatrician, and sometimes even refuses everything except his chest. How to interest the baby food and not develop at the same bad eating habits?

How to increase the appetite of the baby

Instruction how to improve the appetite of the baby

Step 1:

An important aspect of the child's transition to adult food - the presence of his interest in food. Usually curious kid that adults eat with such gusto. Therefore, take the child with you to the table at any meal, thus does not focus on food, behave naturally. If crumb evinces interest in the process, you can give him a personalized plate and spoon. If this does not satisfy curiosity, you can give your baby a tiny piece of what is in your plate. Of course, this food should be such as to be able to give her little one safely - no salt, spices, not fried.

Step 2:

Keep the child's interest in eating. If the food is not to impose, but rather to give reluctantly, the interest of the baby food is not quenched, and he wants to try more and more. Portions of food can be increased, but gradually, watching the reaction of the child's body.

Step 3:

When you vote, that the food portions are large enough to let the baby to take food off your plate. Maybe he wants to take food hands, or want to use a spoon as an adult.

Step 4:

In between meals, give out your child a piece of a vegetable or fruit. You can offer banana, bell peppers, apples, cucumbers. Make sure that the baby is not bit off too big pieces, if that happened, then immediately remove the piece from the mouth of the child, as they can choke.

Step 5:

Try to arrange all meals at the table, gathering the whole family. This will help to instill proper eating habits.

Step 6:

Invite friends to visit with older children. When your child sees another child with appetite eats the food from his plate, he could hardly refuse to try what it is.