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How to increase the lure

The issue of complementary feeding for young children is interesting to all mums. Especially carefully studying the information on it young woman who gave birth to first child. Follow the suggestions in the article, and you will easily cope with this period of life.

How to increase the lure

Instruction how to increase the lure

Step 1:

The basic rule is the gradual introduction of complementary foods. The new product is recommended to begin to give the baby to one teaspoon. Do not rush immediately from day to day increasing the dose. Baby body has to get used to a new product for themselves. Watch out for the crumbs, if not start within a few days he had an allergic reaction to. If the child's cheeks unnaturally begin to blush, then eliminate until the new product from the power supply. That is why it is not recommended to include both in the diet of several new products. For a small body may be a shock.

Step 2:

Chief Assistant to the young mother is a pediatrician. If you only want to start typing in the diet of the child solid foods, first check with your child's doctor. He will tell you what kind of products with the best start to develop a new menu. For example, children who are overweight pediatricians recommend first try vegetable puree. If a child, on the contrary, thin, then he should give the porridge. Currently, pediatricians recommend lure the age of six.

Step 3:

Start the meal with mashed potatoes and porridge, let the baby after breast. If you are familiar with the new product baby first or second day, you should not give it in the morning. Full-time and evening time more for this approach. The consistency of the new feeding should be uniform, well chopped. Otherwise, the process of digestion in the child's body much more difficult, which can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, regurgitation and a complete rejection of the product.

Step 4:

Increase complementary feeding is not recommended in hot weather and during the child's illness. Nor should we give it for day one and the same product. Therefore, many jars of mashed have to eat up the household. Do not use salt when preparing baby food. the product can be bland for you, but the kid taste completely different.

Step 5:

Each lure is necessary to start to give in due time. Check out the information about the timetable for the introduction of certain products in the child's diet. Such information is often printed in editions for moms. Also, there are many sites where you can get acquainted with such recommendations.