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How to insure a child

Children - the most important part of the lives of parents. But a child - it's such a fidget, to which all interested and everywhere it is necessary to climb. From that happen and unpleasant situations and injuries. Insurance - a good solution for such cases. In addition, the insurance policy - this is one of those documents, which should be every citizen of our country. Now there are so many insurance companies that the procedure does not take much time, and you can select a program, ideal under all conditions.

How to insure a child

You will need:

- child's birth certificate; - Passport of a parent.

Instruction how to insure the child

Step 1:

Search major insurance company. Sometimes useful tips relatives and friends, but not all the fears of the child. If such information is available, be sure to find out all you can about the company. Refer only to those institutions that have a proven documents and more than a year working on the market of such services. Otherwise you run the risk of running into a firm one-day and lose money.

Step 2:

Telephoned the selected company. Go to him at the following addresses or call insurance agents. Ask about everything in detail, leave for yourself flyers. Spend a couple of days for a thorough examination. Pick the insurance program that best cover the range of possible injuries. Do not be afraid to call the company for unclear issues.

Step 3:

Staying at one of the company, go to issue an insurance policy. You only need to send the documents (certificate and passport) and wait a few days.