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How to introduce pre-school children with nature

It is an active process of knowledge of the world is seen in preschool and school children of primary school. They are interested in natural phenomena and world order, the lives of animals and birds, a variety of countries and continents. At this age, it is important not to miss anything and to bring the baby to the right to get acquainted with nature.

How to introduce pre-school children with nature

Instruction how to introduce pre-school children with nature

Step 1:

To introduce your baby with nature and its phenomena, often walk. While walking the baby draw attention to detail. As trees grow, why they take off for the winter leaves and spring greens are covered again? How do animals live.

How to introduce pre-school children with nature

Step 2:

If you have a suburban area, here as anywhere can be closely acquainted with the nature. Suggest your child anything to put together, take care of the plants and observe how it develops from a small seed in a large plant. It is best if this plant will practically applicable, that is, it can be eaten. Children do not have a lot of patience, and if the cultivation process is delayed for a long time, they may simply lose interest, so choose a fast-growing crops - fennel, radishes. For example, one small plant child explain the whole process of the flora of life entirely. In addition, if you manage to interest the child, to bring him to gardening work, it will be a pleasure to have useful vegetables in the cultivation of which he was directly involved.

Step 3:

Go with your child to hike. Even if it will be in the suburbs, you have a wonderful time. Hike for a child - a real adventure. Take a tent and sleeping bags, a kettle and an ax, fishing rod. Here you can introduce your baby to the wilderness, to tell you about forest dwellers. The process of fishing is very entertaining for kids, even if they do not get to boast a rich catch, can be an example to the fishing worm teach them about food chains. At night you can hear a lot of new unintelligible sounds. Tell your child that there are people of the forest day and night there.

How to introduce pre-school children with nature

Step 4:

Collect herbarium, berries or mushrooms. Be sure to take out of the woods a small souvenir - a lump, a beautiful twig or a small stone, looking at him with a child will remember this knowledge.

Step 5:

Get a pet. With this step, you will not only be able to acquaint the child with the fauna, but also to teach responsibility and care about who is smaller and weaker. If your conditions do not permit to have a dog or a cat, or you are afraid that the animal will have to take care of you, start with a hamster or fish in a small aquarium. Go to the zoo and meet a child with the animals, what they eat, how they live, who are friendly and who is hostile. The child will get a lot of impressions.

How to introduce pre-school children with nature