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How to introduce solid foods a child

Breast milk - the best food for the baby. But pipsqueak growing, and the children's body needs more and more nutrients and vitamins that mother's milk can not provide in full. Therefore, approximately 3-4 months of age should be gradually introduce solid foods.

How to introduce solid foods a child

Instruction how to introduce solid foods a child

Step 1:

Start with the juices, then go to the fruit and vegetable mashed potatoes, porridge, cottage cheese, and then try to give meat and fish. Introduce new products in the children's menu gradually: one - two teaspoons. If a baby with pleasure and without complications will adopt a new food the next day, the number of feeding a slight increase and then within one - two weeks, bring to a full serving.

Step 2:

Let the lure before breast-feeding. Go to the new product only after the baby becomes accustomed to the previous. The main thing to do everything carefully and gradually. Keep an eye on the child's body reaction to a new food when to introduce solid foods too early and in large quantities, can trigger allergies and problems with the stomach and intestines.

Step 3:

Introducing baby juices menu, start with the apple. Since about three months to try carrot, orange, cherry and tomato juices. If the child has a certain juice rash began immediately cancel this product. Kids are prone to constipation, it is not necessary to give the cherry juice, blueberry and pomegranate, because they act as a reinforcement. Beetroot, cabbage and prune juice are contrary laxatives.

Step 4:

Vegetable and fruit puree, start to give 4-5 months. Now in stores a very large range of baby food. Buy ready-made mashed potatoes in jars or cook yourself - it's just your choice. Purée easy to cook on their own. Good wash vegetables and dip them in boiling salted water. Boil until tender, then rub through a sieve or chop the blender, add a little vegetable broth. Mashed potatoes ready to eat.

Step 5:

Approximately 5 months acquaint the child with porridge. As well as puree baby porridge can make yourself or buy a ready in the store. First, let's buckwheat or rice porridge, later proceed to the oat and corn. The first trial - one or two teaspoons. Then gradually increase the portion of feeding and eventually completely replace the porridge is one breastfeeding.

Step 6:

Meat sauce - the main source of protein to enter the children's menu from 6-7 months. Start with the lure of meat purchased finished puree. When the baby gets used to the meat, cook boiled chicken or rabbit fillet, chop and add to the vegetables and porridges. With fish crumbs better acquaint later, from 8-9 months. It has many useful amino acids, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins. Children with allergies better to postpone acquaintance with fish dishes.