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How to introduce solid foods meat

When the baby is just born, the happy parents feel that the moment when he will be ready for the introduction of complementary foods, is still very far away. But kids are growing rapidly, and now comes the moment is not only the first feeding in the form of juice, but it is time for the introduction of the diet of scraps of meat sauce.

How to introduce solid foods meat

Instruction how to introduce solid foods meat

Step 1:

Wait until the child is 6 months. Only then should think about complementary feeding in the form of meat sauce. Do not give this kind of food the baby younger age, as his digestive system is still not in proper degree ready for processing such a "serious" food.

Step 2:

Recite to enter a meat sauce with meats such as rabbit, chicken, lean beef - they are the most easily digested and habituation process meat diet easier to pass.

Step 3:

Introduction meat sauce, start with half a teaspoon, mixing it with the amount of new foods already known baby food - vegetable puree of onions, potatoes, pumpkin or other. By the time the child is 1 year, the amount of meat foods can be increased to 100-125 grams per day.

Step 4:

Meat sauce is better to give the child in the first half of the day during lunch. This will give parents the opportunity to trace the baby's reaction of the organism to a new product, and such a "complicated" food will be acquired before the night's sleep.

Step 5:

Meat sauce can be prepared independently, boiled meat pulverized in a blender to puree the state and boil it again, adding a little broth, and buy ready-made in a pharmacy in the form of canned meat for babies from 6 months. With self-preparation of foods in the home, usually in salt mash is added.

Step 6:

Use for the preparation of meat foods only lean meats, buying it from reliable manufacturers as well as any possible infection that is relatively easily tolerated by the body of an adult, the kid cause much more serious harm.

Step 7:

Pay attention when buying canned meat baby food on shelf life. Also, when opening a glass jar of canned note that when you turn the cap should be too light cotton. If cotton was not, then do not use these canned - they may be damaged or have a marriage in the manufacture of (conscientious manufacturers indicate a similar information on the label jars of canned baby food).

Step 8:

Enter your baby solid foods, after consultation with the children's local doctor, and if necessary with other specialists, especially since the baby's health may dictate the need for the later introduction of meat foods in his diet.