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How to keep up with all of mom

When the family of a young child, my mom has to revolve around the house, making interruptions only during nighttime sleep. Daily routine matters do not end and, at times, it seems that the cases do not become less. It is time to stop and think about how to do so, that would be all to keep up.

How to keep up with all of mom

Instruction how to keep up with all the mom

Step 1:

Most moms all day engaged the children and household chores are taken when the baby goes to sleep. The main mistake - the desire to do it all at once. The result of this commitment can be all the same pile of unfinished business. Learn to clearly plan: weekdays in which you are engaged in cleaning, for some - ironing.

Step 2:

Carefully plan all cases. Make a menu for the week ahead: then you'll know exactly where you need to go to the grocery store and how much time to spend on cooking dinner. Try to distribute the things so that alone perform only urgent: to walk with the baby, prepare meals, etc. And all the others - cleaning, ironing and others - set aside until the arrival of the Pope or other loved ones... You can instruct them to monitor the baby and themselves quietly, without "Abraham", redo all the work.

Step 3:

Avoid "unnecessary" things. Analyze - which ones do you constantly while experiencing a feeling that because they have not done? Surely there is a pair-Toyko such cases. For example, a pipsqueak always throws toys and you constantly go around the house and collect them. Stop unnecessary action, do not waste your time and energy. Before the day sleeping child remove what made it. In the evening, bringing order to charge the Pope.

Step 4:

When you make a plan, make sure you set aside for yourself an hour to nap, especially if you do not get enough sleep at night. Chronic fatigue reduces your ability to work, if it accumulates too much - you'll be hard to perform basic actions.

Step 5:

If you do not take care of themselves - it is for you no one will. And do not forget at least once a week to arrange a holiday. Go shopping, buy yourself something new, sit in a cafe with a friend, go to the theater or cinema. Take breaks in everyday routine, and you will have the energy to keep up with everything.