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How to knit children's clothes hook

To dress your child fashionable and beautiful, you can run around all the shops in search of the right things, but still spend at the same time a considerable sum of money. And it is possible to do otherwise - to pick up a hook and a skein of yarn to create something extraordinary with their own hands. Knitwear made with their own hands, will be especially loved by the child, since they represent a piece of your care and love.

How to knit children's clothes hook

Instruction how to knit children's clothes hook

Step 1:

To crochet baby items, you do not need to have a great experience, as there is quite a lot of diagrams and descriptions of simple products, which can handle even a novice. Find them on the Internet is very simple.

Step 2:

With regard to models of children's clothing, the better to start with the most simple, such as a sleeve or cap, and then move on to more complicated models. Crochet has the advantage that it is possible to knit patterns that do not require cross-linking, which is very good for kids.

Step 3:

The process of knitting is not possible without the yarn, and is especially important for children to use natural skin. For easy blouses are perfect cotton thread and warmer things better knit from yarn made from sheep's wool. But in the latter case, you must first make sure that the child is not allergic to wool.

Step 4:

Having mastered the crochet, you can create not only a delicate summer model, but also the kind of thing. It all depends on the structure of the yarn and hook size that knitting is performed.

Step 5:

Another important point - the size of clothes for the baby. Children grow up very quickly, so it is best to knit things a little room for growth - if they last longer than a child.

Step 6:

Thinking about fittings for crochet children's things, first of all need to think about security issues. For example, choosing between buttons and drawstrings in clothes kids better stay with ties with pom-poms. Since a child can tear off buttons and try to put in your mouth.