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How to know which school is the house

If your area is not one but a number of schools, the question may arise - which school to apply it in your home and which one contact with the prepared documents to include your child in the educational process.

How to know which school is the house

You will need:

- phonebook; - Address directory; - neighbors; - acquaintances; outputs on the internet.

Instruction how to know which school is the house

Step 1:

According to the Order of the Education Committee, the service radius from your home to the educational institution, should be no more than half a kilometer walking. Allowed to visit educational institutions in the distance transport accessibility - fifteen minutes drive one way for pupils of primary and secondary classes, and fifty minutes for high school students.

Step 2:

Take the phone book, get there a room of the District Board of Education. Call this number, and explain that you would like to learn about the geographical distribution of houses for schools. Employee District Board will address to the database and tell you how to apply your home school.

Step 3:

Go to the nearest school and ask the Secretary, if your house number belongs to this school. If your house is not tied to a given educational institution, visit the next closest school.

Step 4:

If your house has neighbors whose children are students, ask them to apply what school your home. And just ask the others know of your home.

Step 5:

Sign up for your community forum and create a topic to help you deal with the territorial reference of your home to one or another school.