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How to learn English with a child language

Today psychologists proved that a child learns language is much easier to adults. But with age, which is best to start training, experts are still undecided. Some advise to 4 years, with the other 7-8. The choice, of course, for the parents. Training methods today are many, and they depend on whether someone knows the language of the parents, can speak it. And also, how much time and forces parents can spend on the education of the child.

How to learn English with a child language

Instruction how to teach the English language with a child

Step 1:

The most popular today is the English language. Many educators believe that for a young child is the best way of learning is communication. If, for example, in the house of one parent is constantly talking in English, the other in Russian, the child will be confident to speak in both languages ​​as early as four years.

Step 2:

If the parents do not speak the language, but definitely want to start learning beloved child as early as possible, it is possible to hire a tutor, who will communicate with the child only in English. In this case, it is advisable to tutor while living in an English speaking country.

Step 3:

For the older child will be useful to group sessions. There he will be able to communicate with their peers in English during training or games. It is very important that the teacher had not only training, but also the right approach to the children, they could be interested in and passionate about.

Step 4:

There are several important principles of teaching children English. The first - the sequence. Do not rush to fill the baby's head spelling and grammar. It is necessary to develop a coherent plan, it is necessary to use textbooks and gradually explore new topics. Just be sure that the baby has learned everything he explained, remember the words that it was necessary to remember, you can move on.

Step 5:

The second important principle - that is natural. Often parents are afraid to English kids of preschool age, believing that the child will have to learn in school, albeit to play. But the language is perfectly possible to learn and play! For younger children there are such techniques, which is quite natural in the course of the games they remember English words, expressions, and even poetry!

Step 6:

The third principle of education - perseverance. It is known that children easily get bored classes. Maybe the kid that does not like in the learning process. It's okay, you can start later, change the method to find new ways. The main thing is not to give up and do not give up.

Step 7:

If you are not one of those parents who are with the birth of a baby in the house talking in different languages, do not rush to start too early. As long as the child has not yet learned the Russian does not know the names of many fruits, vegetables, flowers, does not consider it to ten - worth the wait. As a general rule, at the age of 4-5 years old children ready to accept a second language.

Step 8:

Independently teach the child English Only parents who have an excellent knowledge of the language and are able to convey knowledge to children. Why baby absorb from you mispronunciation mistakes? In kindergarten, usually provide only basic knowledge, the alphabet, for example. The school language teaching is usually oriented to children with an average achievers. If the parents want the child to know the language well, talking to him, in addition to the need to continue the course of the school classes. This can be a special group tutors.

Step 9:

And, of course, it is very useful to take out the child in English-speaking countries. No courses are no substitute for a live practice of spoken language.