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How to learn to communicate with your child

The communication need everything, including newborn babies. The more time you devote to communicate with the child, the faster it develops. Therefore, you should bestow its greatest attention from the very first days of life.

How to learn to communicate with your child

Instruction how to learn to communicate with your child

Step 1:

Talk to your baby as often as possible. He must hear your speech, to quickly get used to it and learn to perceive it at first sound level, and then - words. All that he learns in the early stages of development, going through you. And though he did not immediately realize that the apple - this is an apple, but the more information in the form of words he will receive from you, the faster it is to prepare for their play.

Step 2:

To attach the child to engage in dialogue, to locate active communication. This is done by means of numerous questions. If a baby pulls you and publishes some sounds, thus making it clear that he wants the ball, rolled under the bed, do not rush to get it right. First, ask around the baby what he needs, why he can not reach the toy, how it got there. Of course, all the details of what happened and the consequences will be expressed in just a few sounds or words attempts. But the important thing is that you will pull a baby in a conversation. And do not forget to encourage any of his responses.

Step 3:

Remember that the child should be taken away from you only positive tone. In no case do not blame the kid, because he is unable to understand what it is you want from him. Shouts and threats, you only hurt his psyche subtly arranged or even alienate from himself.

Step 4:

Do not distort the words, communicating with your baby. This is a common mistake made by many parents. Lisping babe accepts no better than normal, right speech. Thus you will achieve just that the kid will remember the incorrect pronunciation of words, being sure it is correct. Keep in mind that relearn much more problematic than teach. So go to lay the foundations of passive vocabulary responsibly.

Step 5:

Treat with pictures that describe their child, read stories, sing children's songs, poems tell me, in every way acquainted with the world of the child, bright and curious. And though he did not immediately begin to understand them, but it feels great accompanying emotions, and this is a huge flow of valuable information for him.