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How to learn to drink from a bottle

Breastfeeding in the life of a newborn plays a huge role. However, there are situations where there is a need to teach your baby to drink from a bottle. Many children are very reluctant to switch to bottle-feeding, and young mothers sometimes have a lot of work to do.

How to learn to drink from a bottle

Instruction how to learn to drink from a bottle

Step 1:

Getting a child with a bottle to start approximately 2-3 weeks before it will transfer to artificial feeding. If you want to start the process early, then do not do it every day. It will be enough to give the baby a bottle, 2 times a week.

Step 2:

Many of the children are breastfed, can not take a bottle from his mother. They begin to act up and cry, because it does not understand why he is given something artificial, if there is present. Therefore it is better, if it will make the child's father, grandmother or an experienced nurse.

Step 3:

To accustom the baby to bottle require a lot of time and patience. During feeding experiment. Most kids want this process was similar to breastfeeding: the same position, soothing voice, etc. A lot of kids, on the contrary, prefer to eat sitting down, turning away a little bit.

Step 4:

Do not wait until the baby is very hungry. It is better to give him a bottle between feedings, when it is well rested and not tense.

Step 5:

Nipples use those that most resemble your areola and nipple. It is better if they have a broad and deep base, which gradually sharpens the end of the nipple. Do not use a pacifier with a small tip (about 1 centimeter). To determine how fast flowing with milk, turn the bottle nipple and look down. One drop per second - the speed at which, as a rule, children can easily handle.

Step 6:

If the child does not like any type of nipple, try to pick up another. Before you give the baby a bottle, pacifier heat under warm running water or if the baby is teething, cool it, a little hold in the refrigerator.

Step 7:

When you give a bottle, make sure that the baby grasped the nipple completely, not just the tip.

Step 8:

When feeding the baby from a bottle, never leave it unattended. When lying sucking milk can get into the middle ear, causing ear inflammation. Also, remember that feeding is an act of communication, which implies power and peace.

Step 9:

The bottle is not the only alternative to breastfeeding. Feed the child can and a cup with a finger using the additional supply system or with a spoon or pipette.