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How to learn to play with the baby

The child is very dependent on adults who need their support, participation and care. He expects the direct participation of the adult in all its affairs. The main activity of the baby is a game, so an adult must learn to play with the child.

How to learn to play with the baby

Instruction how to learn to play with the baby

Step 1:

To learn how to play with the child, it is advisable to study the psychological characteristics of his age, because kid's activities, preschool and primary school children are different. Knowing these features, proceed to the selection of games based on their content, what place they occupy in the lives of children, in their education and training.

Step 2:

Then prepare the necessary props for the game. It is advisable to do with the baby. Introduce your child to the rules of the selected game.

Step 3:

Playing with the baby, try to put yourself in his place, try to get into the role, remember that you yourself were once a child. Play fair: do not force the baby to the adult position, but not lost to him specifically, considering small. In a relaxed form, try to make the game benefited. Rejoice with the baby to his victory in the game. In case of loss of the child, teach him to perceive the failure to understand that the most important part of the game, but not victory.

Step 4:

Try together with the baby to change a little story or game rules. Perhaps it is like a child. You can try to come up with their igru.Pomnite that the game plays an important role in the development of the baby, because It is the main type of its activity. It is through play the child develops the world, knows the laws of interaction. Remember the main thing: to play with the baby - this does not mean to offer him a large selection of toys and developmental benefits, and to be around. After all, he wants to close people playing with it yourself. Even when the child has learned to play by yourself, parental support and the assessment of its actions will be necessary to him.

Step 5:

Adhere to the following rules of the game with your baby: 1. The child should always be time to play! And when he still lies in the crib, and when taking the first steps, and when to put words into sentences. And especially when he begins to prepare for shkole.2. Communicating with children should always be a really sincere, genuine, and play with a child should begin only duha.3 good location. Well, if the parents daily planning time for the games, but unexpectedly developed for the game situation is also not to be missed. After the game you can think of anything, for any reason, you just curious baby look at an object or event. 4. If a child of one or two years in the game in the first place are the parents, the kids are older it is time to learn to play in the team. To "home" children did not pass such an important period for the formation of the person, as a role play, be more likely to invite peers house.