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How to learn to swim grudnichka

Even before the child's birth to the water it is a habitat. Floating in the amniotic fluid in the womb, the unborn baby is gaining experience swimmer. But after the birth he did not provide the possibility to take advantage of this experience, and the ability to swim in the water in his element quickly. How to keep this ability in infants?

How to learn to swim grudnichka

Instruction how to teach swimming grudnichka

Step 1:

It turns out that since the birth swim just need the kids, as this run the natural reflexes of the body, and thus the brain starts to work hard. In later life it is very good effect on the intellectual abilities of the child and his physical health. Cold and contrasting water treatments excellent train the nervous and immune system of the child.

Step 2:

How to teach grudnichka swim? Going with a child begin no earlier than half an hour after feeding. Before that, the child is well heated by a massage in the reflex exercise. The child is raised, putting his index fingers into his pen, throw his legs alternately tighten knees to elbows baby. grudnichka head thus should not tilt.

Step 3:

After preparing to go swimming. two types of water treatment can be carried out - this is diving in cold water (the kid will swim under water) and swimming in the warm water.

Step 4:

Why do doctors recommend the cold water? Because after the cold water strengthens the mucous membranes, thus improving the child's vision. A warm water on the mucous acts negatively. In addition, cold water hardens the child's body.

Step 5:

When navigating in a cold water bath filled with water whose temperature is 15-17 ° C. The baby is lowered into the water, holding his armpits. After the baby's feet touch the water, the child's breathing reflex is delayed, so it can be lowered into the water face down horizontally. After a second or two the baby starts to swim. In another technique, the child is carried out under water.

Step 6:

baby need before diving to say that "we are now dive." Even newly born baby understands the word mother. Underwater child can swim about 5 seconds.

Step 7:

If diving is conducted in warm water or diving before the baby was distracted by a game or relaxed before diving the baby need to splash some water on the face to load the reflex and the baby had to hold his breath and scared, sipping water.

Step 8:

Bathing in warm water is alternated with swimming. One hand holding a baby on the chin, the second - on the back of his head. Can the child could move through the water on the back, and then turn on his tummy. In the first months of life the child can swim no more than 15 minutes.

Step 9:

After swimming the baby is removed from the water, wiped and wrapped up warmly. The child should be given a breath and recover from water treatments, and then feed, if he had time to get hungry.