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How to listen to music with your child

Many psychologists say about the beneficial effect of music on the human psychological condition, including a child. Start listening to music, you can even at the time of pregnancy. Many mothers use a "joint" music listening as a special kind of communication. Positive emotions experienced by the mother while listening to music, and the kid passed.

How to listen to music with your child

You will need:

- CDs with your favorite music; - Tape recorder, computer or player;

Instruction how to listen to music with your child

Step 1:

Limit your child's access to the radio. While he was still a baby, try not to let the baby listen to popular music (foreign or Russian). As a rule, modern pop music is not very strong intellectual or moral charge. Therefore, the little man is to begin acquaintance with the world of music with more serious things.

Step 2:

Start by listening to music collections for children. There are the known to all from childhood songs from cartoons or fairy tale movies. These selections can be purchased at any music magazine.Prodvinutye parents can use the Internet and download songs for children with special sites. It will be doubly useful because then you can make your own selection. And listen to the baby of the songs you have selected.

Step 3:

Include music while playing. If the child is busy some mobile game, becoming more dynamic compositions. If he is tinkering with toys (collects designer, playing with cars or dolls) include more lyrical, restrained by the song tempo.

Step 4:

Put the music when a child is engaged in some creative work. For example, paints. Music will stimulate his imagination. You can even ask them to draw a melody which he hears. Or an image that he creates this composition.

Step 5:

Allow the child to understand that music is an independent art form, therefore, it requires special treatment. Therefore, learn to listen to music. To do this, put off all things aside, sit back (you can even lie down on the sofa or on the carpet) and include music.

Step 6:

Try to immerse themselves in the music. Ask your child to follow the movement of the melody. Teach him to distinguish between tools. To do this, before listening to show him how the tools look, how about the sound they make (images and sounds can download on the Internet).