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How to look good in pregnancy

During pregnancy, hormonal changes can adversely affect the hair, the skin, cause obesity. And then the joy kid waiting overshadowed dissatisfaction with their appearance. But this situation can be remedied.

How to look good in pregnancy

Instruction how to look good in pregnancy

Step 1:

Perhaps you are concerned about excessive fullness, changing shape. In this case, reconsider your wardrobe. Now a huge selection of stylish clothes for pregnant women - from pajamas to evening dresses. But after giving birth, you can not immediately return to their previous weight, elegant shape. Do not despair. Pay attention to the clothes to complete: here too there are plenty to choose from and a style, and color, and growth. Dressing up as your heart desires. The main thing that you feel comfortable and convenient - if the clothes will look great on you.

Step 2:

Hair can deliver a lot of trouble during pregnancy. Fatty become unkempt, greasy, dry break, whipped, drop out. Try to take care of the hair with the utmost care, make medical mask, rub into the scalp lotions of infusions of herbs. Dye your hair while waiting for the baby is not necessary, but can make highlights or coloring in the hair salon or trendy haircut. At the same time experts will tell you how to get healthy hair.

Step 3:

The skin during pregnancy is exposed to increased pigmentation. This is normal, it can not be stopped, but can be reduced. To do this, try to be as little as possible in the sun, use a special cosmetic creams. In no case do not output pigmentation spots. Simply, if necessary, to mask their tonal powder.

Step 4:

Hormonal changes may contribute to the appearance of acne on the skin rash. Also loses its elasticity, there is dryness or oiliness on the contrary. Try to give up during pregnancy from the usual cosmetics use natural remedies: olive and other oils, herbal extracts. Posvezheet skin, improve your health.

Step 5:

Of great importance for improving the state of the body during pregnancy have a restful sleep, physical activity and exposure to fresh air. Feasible exercise, unhurried daily walks to help maintain muscle mass form, get rid of swelling and stagnation. Blood circulation is stimulated - and the fruit in plenty sated with oxygen. So do not be lazy, move, happen more often in the countryside, in the woods - and then you literally bloom, looks dissatisfaction will be left behind.