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How to lull baby effortlessly

Some babies sleep well only in their hands. If the child's weight is not too small, then the mother's hands quickly get tired. And the legs also did not rest during the sickness. There are tricks by which lull the baby to sleep, you can simply and quickly.

How to lull baby effortlessly



The first thing is to buy those parents whose baby sleeps only on hand - fitball. It is sold in any sporting goods store, sports departments of large supermarkets, too, they are available. Desirable to select the largest diameter (65 or 70 cm). Fitball is a great ball for sport. But the young mother, he will be extremely useful for placing a baby to sleep.

Child taking the hands in the normal position, in which the mother cradles him to sleep, and sit on fitball. Swinging on the ball softer and smoother than when walking. Children fall asleep so easily and quickly. Mom Legs tired with a lot less.

Ergo backpack or sling

Unload the hands of a young mother rocking a child to help sling or backpack ergo,. Trailers for yourself baby, mom can pokachiatsya on fitball and thus easy to watch a movie or listen to music. Her hands are made available. All the baby weight in this case falls on the mother's back. It is important that she learned how to properly tie a sling. It is better to take advantage of expert advice on babywearing or knowledgeable friends girlfriends. First times the pope will have to support the child in the process of tying a sling to mother quietly did everything right.

With ergo-all backpack somewhat simpler: he just snapped. Backpack need to choose according to the weight and complexion of both the mother and her child. Some ergo-carry are more suitable for large babies and tall women, some - for skinny moms. Be sure to buy a backpack it is necessary to try, along with the child, and configure the right size all straps.

Crib or baby bed with runners

To help the mother whose child goes to sleep only when motion sickness, is also a special children's furniture. For quite crumbs - a cradle for the baby and older - a bed with a pendulum. With a berth parents have to teach your baby to fall asleep in bed, it is possible that your child will need some time to get used to it. But in any case, such a child is easier to put to sleep in a rocking cradle or crib with a pendulum.

If the mother gets tired, it needs to seek the help of their home: grandmothers, fathers. Maybe one of them will put the baby to bed even faster than does the mother. Fitball, ergo backpack and a special children's furniture to help lull the baby.