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How to lure a child should start

Universal recommendations to, at what age and what it is to start complementary feeding of infants, simply does not exist. baby food manufacturers believe that since three months, you can introduce your baby to new tastes, but breastfeeding advocates say that up to 6 months in the mother's milk provides a full baby needs. In any case, before you introduce solid foods, it is necessary to know its basic principles.

How to lure a child should start

You will need:

- vegetables; - fruit; - Porridge.

Instruction how to start complementary feeding baby

Step 1:

Most often there are questions about when and where to start complementary feeding baby. As the first products using porridge from cereals, gluten-free, green vegetables or fruits. Kashi recommended for those kiddies that are poorly gaining weight. With the vegetables begin to parents of children suffering from constipation. Fruits are considered to be a safe bet, the problem is only in the fact that after the sweet apple or pear to persuade a child to try almost tasteless zucchini or broccoli is hard enough.

Step 2:

Lure children begin with minimal doses, it is best to offer a new product in the morning, while the evening you can have time to observe the reaction of the organism to the introduction of complementary foods.

Step 3:

If the disorder stool or skin rash arose the next morning, increase the amount of foods from the tip of a teaspoon until it halves. In the case when the baby normally react to a new product, it is brought back to normal volume corresponding to the age for a few days.

Step 4:

Enter a new product only after that question is that the digestive system coped with what was given to her before, does not arise. Hurry should not be, because sometimes even when an adequate initial reaction to a new product when it is used regularly, an allergy occurs.