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How to make a baby in a manger

Well, when you have a young family, who sit with the child. Grandparents often do not mind spending a few hours with her beloved grandson. But when this - unattainable dream, and both parents are working, come to the aid nurseries and gardens. What are the documents bear the child devices in them and where to go?

How to make a baby in a manger

You will need:

- a statement from a parent or guardian; - Child's birth certificate; - The passport of one parent; - The document on receipt of benefits for the child in the kindergarten; - Medical Card (Form F26).

Instruction how to make a baby in a manger

Step 1:

Gather all the documents and carefully pick up the creche in which the child will attend.

Step 2:

Then stand on the queue to kindergarten, that is register in the general ledger pupils of a particular educational institution. To do this, contact the agency that deals with taking into account the waiting list in this preschool. Give to all documents.

Step 3:

If you have privileges for admission, the documents also give the Department of Education in the city - he is engaged and kindergartens, and the administration of a particular area. They are dependent on the provision of places in special cases. Benefits may be: - the children who died; - Military and police officers; - Citizens exposed produce nitrates of the Chernobyl disaster; - Prosecutors, investigators and judges; - Unemployed parents and students; - Teaching staff.

Step 4:

Get the "start" - the basis for enrollment in kindergarten.