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How to make a child do anything

Naughty children - it's terrible for the parents. Constant screaming, tantrums, bad behavior can ruffle even the most patient adult. What to do? To punish or ignore does not always help. But there are other ways to affect your baby.

How to make a child do anything

Instruction how to make a child do anything

Step 1:

Use children's fear of missing something. Children by nature are very curious, always eager to learn new things, besides, they add up their interests. Therefore, if a small child does not want to wash or brush their teeth, parents can instead invite any toy, saying, like a teddy bear or doll will be great to do it. It may be added that the candy will now only have toys, if they know how to brush their teeth as well. From now on, the baby will not miss washing.

Step 2:

Bring a piece of magic in the usual applications. Breakfast in the style of the characters from the fairy tale or the bed like a little princess will help the child to eat foods, even unloved and happy to lie down to sleep at night.

Step 3:

Use a small reward for the child's actions. If he does not want to eat vegetables, promise a delicious dessert after dinner, if you do not love clean up their toys, say then to read him a story. Of course, it is not necessary to do so every time, turning the relationship with the baby in barter. But even adults often promise yourself something sweet after a difficult decision or action.

Step 4:

Use positive examples of the child's favorite characters. Pay attention to it, like animals in cartoons wash in the morning or eat well, to protect minors. Children love animals, so you can remember them, that the child did with the greater joy that earlier he did not like. From now on, you can swim in the bathroom, like a fish, there are herbs, like a rabbit, and porridge as well as a bird pecks seeds.

Step 5:

Turn the vagaries in the fun. If a child wants to trample on the pool, climb into the dirt, stretch out on the ground - sometimes should let him do it. And then he sees that not all of what he wants, so nice. In addition, he will not be tempted to wish forbidden again when it ceases to be such.