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How to make a child's drawing

All parents are kind to their children's creativity. Finished drawings are carefully stored in folders. But many figures may well decorate your room. The kid will be pleased to such attention. Therefore, it is important to draw a child's drawing, and it will look very good in a homemade frame.

How to make a child's drawing

You will need:

Cardboard, scissors, glue, fabric, accessories.

Instruction how to decorate a child's drawing

Step 1:

The simplest frame you get from the bright packaging box. Take any half-empty box of chocolates. Figure baby stick on any colored cardboard and secure two-way tape inside the box.

Step 2:

On heavy paper make four holes and prodernuv thread, tie it. Glue on the back side of your frame and hang on the wall.

Step 3:

Together with your child, you can make a frame made of corrugated cardboard. Remove the top layer of his way to show the wavy surface of the future framework. Cut out the window of the desired size for the drawing.

Step 4:

Probably, in front of you often raises the question of how to decorate the frame, to the beautifully decorated drawing into the interior and pleased loved ones. Besides drawing in decorated frame can be a great gift.

Step 5:

Since the board is often not a flat surface, so you can face the final part of the frame can be decorated with colored paper. From it cut patterns or designs and glue on the frame. The old glossy magazines, too Put in the carving of these strips for decoration.

Step 6:

In addition to paper, you can use any fabric with a pattern. Knitted fabric is suitable for small leaves, hearts and flowers. Fill them with synthetic padding, decorate the frame, which is covered with a cloth.

Step 7:

Very impressive look frame patchwork. To do this, choose a different color and texture of scraps. This quilt frame is ideal for a child's room in a country style.

Step 8:

At the tissue box, you can sew a variety of accessories - from the ordinary to the buttons beads. In any order or form unpretentious designs. Even just looped ribbon frame, it becomes a masterpiece.

Step 9:

The next version of design of children's drawings - Frame with glass, back cover and mat. All this can be purchased at the store. The frame should be pleasant to the touch, a simple form - a plastic or wooden.

Step 10:

Passepartout is an additional element to the frame, framing the picture, underlines or emphasizes the image. It is placed between the frame and pattern.

Step 11:

How would you not made out a child's drawing, do it with your child. Decorated with your hands, it will become increasingly important value for you and your baby.