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How to make a child support

Having a child in the family inevitably leads to the aggravation of the money issue. Save on baby do not want to, but my mother will not be able to work temporarily. The state provides support to this case in the form of maternity benefits such as a lump, baby, milk, and childcare. For such, it is necessary to collect certain documents.

How to make a child support

You will need:

Out of the hospital, a birth certificate, the insurance pole, an income statement, certificate of family composition, a photocopy of the work book, certificate from the Exchange.

Instruction how to make child support

Step 1:

In the hospital at discharge, you will be given a statement of the child's birth certificate in a lump sum. Extract need you to make a birth certificate. According to the law on registration of this document is given 20 days. If the parents are not married, you must also confirm the paternity. To carry out this procedure, it is necessary to write a statement in the body of civil registration and pay the state fee.

Step 2:

After obtaining a birth certificate, you must install the child's citizenship. It's enough to contact the passport office with identity documents. column "children" It will be stamped with the initials and date of birth.

Step 3:

The child must be registered at a particular place of residence. It can be prescribed in the apartment of one of the parents. To do this, all the people residing legally on this address must write an application that does not have anything against this procedure.

Step 4:

It is necessary to take the statement of earnings over the last 6 months. If the parents are employed, then the work place. Unemployed citizens should make a photocopy of the work book and a certificate from the Labour Exchange. Either place the mother of study, if the student of daily full-time.

Step 5:

Having a birth certificate and insurance policy, it is necessary to refer to the primary care pediatrician for help about the type of infant feeding. It is of three types: breast, mixed and artificial. Each type has its own system of payments applicable milk benefits.

Step 6:

In the municipal institution of your locality must take help of family members.

Step 7:

After gathering all the necessary documents, it is necessary to apply to the body responsible for payment of benefits. If the mother is employed, it is an organization which granted maternity leave. In the case where the woman is a student of full-time day, then it is necessary to contact the place of study. If only the father works, the organization, where he is employed. Unemployed parents will have to go to the social security authorities. To provide benefits, it is necessary to write a statement to the head of the organization that will carry out the payment.