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How to make a child turn over

The most exciting first months of the life of your crumbs are over, baby was a little older, and you are comfortable with the role of parents. At the age of three to six months, a baby begins to move and tries to turn over from back to stomach. Help your child, teach him to roll over, as the active motor activity has a positive effect on the overall development of the crumbs.

How to make a child turn over

Instruction how to make a child turn over

Step 1:

Take the baby a gentle massage, and engaged with him a simple gymnastics. "Malyshkova" massage is a gentle light strokes, they will help to align the muscle tone and strengthen the body. fit exercise "bicycle" to strengthen leg muscles. Handles also in need of attention: they need to be on the queue to cross on his chest, the plant in different directions. Do the exercises slowly and in four positions: lying on his stomach on the back and on both sides, simultaneously gently talk to the kid. Engage in daily, it will help your child quickly and easily navigate to the coup.

Step 2:

Try to do the exercise with a rattle. Take a bright beautiful toy and slowly move it from side to side. At first, your baby will watch her eyes only, then will turn his head, and eventually reach for rattle and turn on the flank.

Step 3:

Place your baby on the back. The finger of the left hand give the baby to grab and take both right legs heels. One of your fingers should be placed between the legs ankles crumbs. Then start turning a little pre-straightened legs with the pelvis and at the same time pull the handle forward child, that he was able to turn his head and shoulders. This exercise should be repeated several times a day in both directions.

Step 4:

Throw one leg crumbs to the other, so he took out his knee surface on which rests. The kid will be uncomfortable, because of this he will make an attempt to strain and capsize. Similarly, he will learn to properly stretch the muscles. At first, a little help, that pipsqueak knew how to roll over, and then just hold the leg already. When a child will turn over on his stomach, beneath it will remain his second hand, help your child release her. Over time, the child will understand that you need to get a pen. Do this on each side several times.