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How to make a children's playground in the kindergarten

Registration site in kindergarten should be bright, unusual and informative. Houses, slides, swings, horizontal bars - all contribute to the harmonious development of the child. Monotonous objects on the territory of the children get bored quickly, and then there comes a time to think about making something new.

How to make a children's playground in the kindergarten

You will need:

- Casings; - Jigsaw; - Paint; - construction helmet; - Gypsum; - X / cotton fabric.

Instruction how to decorate a children's playground in the kindergarten

Step 1:

Make a charming snails. To do this you will need an old tire, paint and jigsaw. Draw an outline on the wheel faces the cochlea - the head and horns. Also, draw the neck. Using a jigsaw, cut and remove the tire. One end of the screw in the wheel shell and secure with screws. Some snails will look great on the court.

Step 2:

In addition to snails make a hedgehog. Take the construction helmet, remove all of it unnecessary. Now spread a layer of plaster in one centimeter thick. Next gypsum Fashion a needle. If the surface is rough and has a crack, treat it with a brush moistened with water. When the hedgehog is dry, you can start painting. Draw eyes, mouth, nose. Black paint can be colored needles.

Step 3:

In the design of the playground, use of improvised chickens and rooster. According to the pattern stitch bird family. As a material, use a cotton cloth.

Step 4:

Tamp chickens synthetic padding as possible tighter. The surface coat plaster or alabaster. After the first coat dries, apply a second. Flatten irregularities.

Step 5:

Shall describe the product with acrylic paints and varnish coat. To the birds stood fabricate stand. At its center is a long drive in the nail, and the inside of the product, insert the rod blank from the pen. Rod put on a nail, and hens will stand.

Step 6:

Install the houses and structures of different forms. Thanks to them, the children will be interesting to spend time in the kindergarten area.

Step 7:

The rack houses on one side of the awning cover or colored material. The other side garnish with climbing plants. Such houses are very popular among children, because they allow to play in role-playing games - a hospital, school or family. In addition, these facilities enable teachers to watch the game and send it in the right direction.