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How to make a group in preschool

kindergarten group, where children spend most of the day, to be comfortable, safe and convenient. You do not have to do expensive redevelopment and spend money on a super-finishing. Select a simple and high-quality materials and furniture, connect the imagination - and your group will be the most beautiful.

How to make a group in preschool

You will need:

- paint; - Linoleum; - Carpet; - Wallpaper; - Cork and magnetic boards; - Colored paper; - acrylic paints; - Photo.

Instruction how to issue a group dou

Step 1:

Pick a color scheme for the group. Prefer bright and warm colors - in this environment children feel more comfortable. In addition, light-colored walls and furniture will be a good background for the paintings, appliqué, books and toys.

Step 2:

On the floor is better to lay a thick non-slip linoleum is designed for areas with high traffic. He wear-resistant, does not fade and does not lose its qualities for several children. Choose a thick coating with the substrate - a floor will be elastic, warmer and more comfortable.

Step 3:

Wall coat of acrylic latex, or quick-drying paint. It is more practical wallpaper, easy to clean, and you can quickly change the color if necessary. Solid wall decorate paintings. If you are not able to attract the artist, do drawings on a cliche. Psychologists recommend to portray neutral themes - meadow with flowers, sea, forest - such images awaken the imagination of children and blend well with the interior of the group.

Step 4:

Zoned space with furniture, screens or mobile partitions. It is possible to isolate part of a group of partitions of glass blocks or plasterboard. Separate area for games area for activities, dining and sleeping areas. The games come with soft cotton or synthetic carpet, which can be washed if necessary. Choose a carpet on a substrate slip or stick to it from the inside rubber pads.

Step 5:

One wall, leave free. It is possible to paste over self-colored paper or light-colored wallpaper. Kids love to paint on the walls - give them this opportunity. Closer to the entrance organize "exemplary" area of ​​creativity. Here it is possible to place children's work and crafts. Attach them on magnetic or cork boards - these compositions can be easily changed and updated.

Step 6:

The decoration of the group should not be static. Use more mobile designs, applications, removable compositions. For example, children are very fond of their own photos. Make a "family area" - made of thick colored paper-cut outline stylized home, make windows in it, and insert them in family photos that children can bring from home. A clear sign marker windows.

Step 7:

Another option - folding track or train carriages, cut out of colored paper. Track segments or coaches box paste pictures of children, and under them sign birthday. Those with holiday approaching, can move your trailer close to the train. These mobile designs are very popular with kids.