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How to make a hairstyle for the girl in the New Year

Being a princess on the Christmas party or the home game of the new year - a place of many girls of all ages. Help her to carry out! Make little fashionistas beautiful styling in keeping with the elegant dress. Perhaps this is a new festive image will be the best gift for her.

How to make a hairstyle for the girl in the New Year

You will need:

- paper curlers; - Studs; - Barrettes; - Bows, decorative rims.

Instruction how to make a hairstyle for girls for the new year

Step 1:

Wash your hair. Laying will look beautiful only on clean curls. What happens next depends on what type of hairstyle you are planning to implement. Girls with long hair coming loose curls or unusual braided tresses. Dollar Baby short-haired head to steal the beautiful decor - bows, barrettes, ornate rims.

Step 2:

Long wavy hair, slightly moisten styling and wind them on the soft curlers, paper hot curlers or curling iron. Curls must be rather narrow, so it is better to keep the curl. Gently comb them, curling finger. Above you can sprinkle with hair lacquer weak fixation. Divide hair into an oblique or parting and temples podkoly on small decorative clasps.

Step 3:

Do you want to create the effect of lush hair? Then carefully comb freshly wet strands and braid them into small braids. The ends of the braids in addition to screw the paper curlers. Place the girl sleep. In the morning gently Untwist braid and comb their massage brush. Lush locks can secure a beautiful decorative way or tie them to surround the tail on top and crown him in the form of a flower barrette.

Step 4:

You prefer a more refined variants? Then learn how to weave braids. Universal "wreath", braided around her head, it can be more elegant than usual. Divide hair into a side parting. Part of the back of the head, and kill the separate clamp. Begin braiding at the temples. Take thin strands and gradually weaves them into the basic braid. When he reached the back of the head, and fasten the clip hair weave repeat on the other side of the head. Loosen the clamp, collect all the hair together, tie them in a ponytail thin rubber band. Braid the tail of a single braid and roll it into a bun, securing with decorative studs.

Step 5:

Very nice option that will suit a little girl - funny "ears" of the braid. Comb your hair with a soft brush, divide them into parting. Gently gather the strands of two tail on both sides of the head. Optionally make them symmetrical - place the tails on your own. Braid each in a braid and roll into a tight bun, stabbing his studs.