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How to make a house for Barbie

This is a great lesson for mom and baby the more so because then it will be nice to baby play with things made with your own hands. Of course, the less your child, the more the mother will have to do, but even a baby can make a contribution to the creation of a small house for his beloved Barbie and her friends. Create it with the child, giving him the opportunity to do what he can do.

How to make a house for Barbie

You will need:

paper, cardboard, cloth, yarn for knitting, tape, scissors, boxes, cubes, designer, various stickers, postcards and magazine clippings.

Instruction how to make a house for Barbie

Step 1:

If in your house there is an old grandmother bookcase or rack modern, then you are very lucky, because it is almost ready flats. It is possible to equip the garage for beautiful machines on the ground floor, on the second - hallway, living room and kitchen, on the second - bedroom and bathroom.

Step 2:

Partitions can just make out of cardboard or plywood (if you need the help of the Pope). Cut out or draw the windows, hang them from the tissue residues curtains. The walls of wallpaper paste over, it will be beautiful, if playhouse walls are papered with the same wallpaper as the walls of your girl's room. Let your child draw pictures that you can hang on the walls of the house.

Step 3:

The most important thing in the house - cozy. Of course, this house can be beat, and the purchase of furniture, but much more interesting to do it yourself. Look around, for sure, in your home there is a lot of unnecessary items from which you can create exclusive furniture. Boxes of various sizes, toy blocks. Lighting in the house are made of a Christmas garland. And do not forget the lovely things: on the table, put a bunch of flowers (it can be bouquets of dried flowers), tie rugs sew bedclothes. Decorating a dollhouse for Barbie - this is an endless flight of fancy. The interior can be something constantly add, rearrange the furniture, to invent.

Step 4:

The elder brother or dad can improve the structure. For example, it is possible to build an elevator. The cabin is made out of the box, this is fine for a box of juice. Cut two walls. The unit is made from a coil of thread or some wheel of a broken machine. The top shelf screw screw, pre-putting him reel. One tie a rope to the bottom of the box, and the other - from the top, perekin'te through the coil and tie. If you pull the cord, the elevator will go up and down. Believe me, play with the house is much more interesting than the store bought.