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How to make a one-year old baby

A child who is one year old, well on his feet, trying to pronounce the first words, he has a great amount of energy. At this age, the baby begins to actively explore the world around them by using their own pens. How to send it all in a peaceful course?

How to make a one-year old baby

You will need:

Finger paints, pencils, paper, drawing paper, toys

Instruction how to deal with a year-old child

Step 1:

Take pencils, can be normal, but it is better and wax paper. Try to show your child how to do simple drawings. For example, the sun or shapes. Draw the object and tell us how it is called, colorize it in any color, try to give your child a pencil, let him try yourself in the role of the artist.

Step 2:

Similarly, finger paints can be used. Spread on the floor of a large oilcloth and seat baby. Lay out a sheet of paper and a set of finger paints. Take the child and dip a pen in a jar with some one color, leave a mark on the sheet. Usually this game gives kids a lot of fun.

Step 3:

Go for a walk in a busy position. Ask presence near the house of playgrounds, parks or development centers. Show your child the animals, plants, describe the weather and the movement of people. Perhaps you like to play in the sandbox. Playing with sand develop fine motor skills and contribute to the development of the brain.

Step 4:

Buy a large drawing paper. Draw the alphabet on it with different colors of paint. Show your child on a daily basis, under each of which can be pasted a picture of, for example, animal, called on the appropriate letter.

Step 5:

In addition, you can buy special books designed for children of this age. Their peculiarity is that on every page is different on the surface of the structure. Looking at the picture, the child touches their hands and get tactile feedback.

Step 6:

You can buy toys that are sold in stores. This special centers with balls, clocks, dice, sorter, air pools, a pyramid.

Step 7:

Give your child a few different sizes of plastic containers, he likes to insert them into each other. You can show your child how to put the toys inside and pull back. Children can spend doing this to 30 minutes a day.