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How to make a wall newspaper about your child

Sometimes there are situations that congratulate your child with some important event (the end of kindergarten, going to the first class, a birthday or even a prize in the competition of reciters) parents want to somehow unusual: so and fumes was interesting, and himself this day memorable. Wall newspaper about your child - this is a good solution to the problem.

How to make a wall newspaper about your child

You will need:

- a sheet of paper - a simple graphite pencil - tip pens - paint (gouache), - a brush for drawing - a few photos of your child and you - the parents.

Instruction how to make a wall newspaper about your child

Step 1:

Decide to what event will coincide with the release of wall newspapers vyshey: child's birthday, his attainment of a certain importance for him and you the result (accounting concert at a music school, a victory in the Mathematical Olympiad), or some other event.

Step 2:

Think outside the box and cheerful name for the newspaper. If it is, for example, is dedicated to the victory of the child in school mathematics contest, the name like "Our Dimka - Pythagoras" is entirely appropriate and fun. Bright and colorful picture a name on a sheet of paper. You can even stick cut from colored paper letters in the form of a large rainbow-arc or collect them on a thread and hang over the corners of paper like a seesaw.

Step 3:

Decide how you want basic information about your child on a sheet of paper. This can be a big tree with spreading branches, each of which will house information about a particular stage of the life of your son. Or you can make a wall newspaper in the form of a huge turn-based wall-hodilki games to rearrange chips buttons and a large cube, with each significant life episode in the life of the child will be referred to the relevant pictures. You can also just divide the paper into several pieces and add to them, taking into account the chronology of all the events that I would like to tell.

Step 4:

Cut and paste the baby photos in chronological order: the birth (can be issued in the form of hatched from an egg chicken with funny attractive face of your baby or gently paste photo baby in a cut from the magazine image of cabbage plug), the first steps (add the baby photo huge red boots and mustache - get fun Puss in boots), the first independent lunch (Doris huge spoon and make merry inscription), the first day of kindergarten, the first hike in the school and, finally, a photo of your child in an environment which was dedicated edition of the newspaper (eg , an accounting concert in music school).

Step 5:

Each photo Provide cheerful comment or signature. It will cheer up as the hero of the occasion, and his friends and family.

Step 6:

Do not despair if you do not have a lot of photos, because you can multiply the already existing and (depending on the imaging your stage of baby's life) simply dorisovyvat or dokleivat missing the nuances of the image, because the same joyful picture of your child's face in the different depicted cases will and look different.

Step 7:

Creative imagination and sense of humor, because the mischief and fun decorated wall newspapers leave more joyful experience than a serious and dry, even in this case, and carefully made.