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How to make cheese child

Some moms are trying to very carefully follow the diet of their children. Yes, and pediatricians are advised to feed the child according to the rules in order to prevent further occurrence of health problems. Such a product like cheese is very useful, but few people know whether you can give it to the child and at what age.

How to make cheese child

Instruction how to give cheese child

Step 1:

The composition of cheese contains a large amount of calcium needed for strong bones, nails, hair and teeth. In addition, the product contains a lot of protein and therefore, it is the source, required for beneficial operation amino organism. Nutritionists say that there are more than meat, and it is much better absorbed by the amino acids in the cheese. Vitamin A, which is contained in this product, has beneficial effects on vision, and the B vitamins improve metabolism and help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Step 2:

However, despite the benefits of cheese, a protein that it contains, it has a greater burden on the baby's kidneys, and fat and salt - poorly absorbed by the child's body. Therefore, enter the product in the diet of a child with only 11-12 months. By this age, the digestive tract of the baby has got stronger and more capable of processing many foods. This is due to the fact that the permeability of the intestinal mucosa is reduced and begins to produce components which improve digestion of a meal.

Step 3:

Giving the cheese gently start - no more than 5 grams per day. Weekly rate should be no more than 25 grams. It is best to enter into a diet durum cheese. Cut it into thin slices and rub on a small grater.

Step 4:

By the choice of cheese approach very seriously, do not buy a cheap product, it may be of poor quality, and accordingly - have the risk of the baby allergic reactions.

Step 5:

Give preference to low-fat, salted cream cheese with the lack of any additives and spices. In no case do not let the baby cheese with moldy crust. For children such product absolutely contraindicated.

Step 6:

Treat with a high degree of responsibility to feed the baby, and then you will not face suddenly appeared allergic reactions or problems with the gastrointestinal tract.