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How to make children's work

Children much paint, mold, collected from various designer intricate locks and ultra-modern cars. Over time, the results of children's creativity accumulate, and there is a question about their storage. Choose the most successful works and complete them, and the rest fold neatly and store it in a box.

How to make children's work

You will need:

A1 format sheet, paint, adhesives, picture frames, shells, plastic cases for CDs

Instruction how to make children work

Step 1:

Several drawings insert into the frame and hang on the wall. Frames can be arranged in a particular category. If the figure is depicted sea shells decorate the frame. Cheerful bright pictures, insert the frame at her paste a few small soft toys.

Step 2:

Take a large sheet of A1 format and make a collage of pictures of children. Not necessarily strictly under ticker vymeryat location masterpieces, stick them in a cheerful chaotic manner. Come up with an original name of the collage and write it at the top of the sheet. The finished work hang on the wall. From time to time make thematic collages of pictures of the child. Threads choose together, it can be "seasons", "My Family" or "favorite fairy tale."

Step 3:

From small pictures make covers for CDs. Cut the sheet size of the packaging plastic boxes for disks, remove the insert, and in its place insert a child's drawing. We get unusual and memorable covers.

Step 4:

Select or buy a special shelf for a variety of crafts from clay, designer and natural materials. Put it all on the children's sculpture, from time to time The exhibition is the new crafts.

Step 5:

Set in the nursery magnetic board on which it will be possible to strengthen the children's drawings and applications. Especially liked the work hang on the refrigerator, securing it with magnets.

Step 6:

If your daughter is engaged in sewing or jewelry manufacturer, buy to hold their special plastic containers. In such a "trunk" for many departments, where to put all the girly treasures. Containers paint the bright acrylic paints, and glue them on application or photos from fashion magazines. For storage of jewelry from beads and polymer clay sold stand with hooks. They are particularly suitable for placing beads and earrings.