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How to make sure you're pregnant

Determination of pregnancy - an exciting event in a woman's life. Especially when you are looking forward to pregnancy and looking at yourself all sorts of signs of the emergence of a new life. Make sure that you will soon become a mother, can be on several grounds and methods.

How to make sure you're pregnant

You will need:

- pregnancy test; - Blood test for hCG; - A thermometer; - Examination of the gynecologist.

Instruction how to make sure that you are pregnant

Step 1:

Delayed menstruation Remember when was the last month, what is your length of the menstrual cycle. This will most accurately calculate the delay.

Step 2:

Indirect signs Pay attention to your condition. Appeared you have nausea, especially in the morning, there are some annoying odors, changed eating habits. You may receive frequent urination, dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, irritability.

Step 3:

Pregnancy test Make a pregnancy test at home. According to the manufacturer it shows the presence of the pregnancy from the first day of delay. The test is of several types - the test strip, electronic test cassette test with a pipette. All of these tests are designed to determine the hormone hCG in the urine, is released during pregnancy. The test is best done in the morning portion of urine.

Step 4:

Blood on Blood Turn hCG in medical laboratories to determine blood human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). In the blood, the hormone is contained in higher concentrations than in urine. The hormone can be determined in blood by 10-12 days of gestation. Blood is necessary to take strict fasting.

Step 5:

Increased basal body temperature If you measure the basal temperature (the temperature in the rectum), then a possible pregnancy indicates the temperature increase in the second phase of the menstrual cycle (about 37 degrees and above), lasting more than 2 weeks. When the pregnancy basal temperature remains elevated, and before the onset of menstruation, it falls. Remember that the basal temperature should be measured immediately after waking up, not getting out of bed.

Step 6:

Examination by a gynecologist Refer to the gynecologist. With the manual scan on a gynecological chair doctor will be able to assume the pregnancy on grounds such as the increase in the uterus, blue mucous genitals, locked and held high the cervix.

Step 7:

US The most reliable way to determine the intrauterine pregnancy is ultrasonography. But it is best to carry out after 2 weeks delay menstruation, the doctor was able to see on the screen a tiny fetus. Ultrasound should be assigned to watching your gynecologist.