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How to make the baby to take the breast

Your long-awaited baby was born! Behind the anxiety and concerns that have been associated with the expectation of the first meeting. Now the main task for the crumbs become "babies", ie Child, fully fed mother's milk. How to establish breastfeeding if a pipsqueak refuses to suck, and sometimes even cry at all when trying to give him the breast?

How to make the baby to take the breast

Instruction how to get the baby to take the breast

Step 1:

To avoid such problems when fed properly Put your baby to the breast. To do this, firmly press its tummy to themselves so that the nipple was somewhere on the level of the spout. Keep the chest hand: thumb should be on top, and all the others are from below (the index must be from the nipple at least 5 centimeters) parallel to the lower jaw kid. Wait until baby opens her mouth wide, and direct the nipple in the palate (top). It is necessary that at the same time he and areola were deep in the mouth of the crumbs from the bottom more than top. The upper and lower lips sucking must be turned outwards.

Step 2:

The reason for "bending" the baby at the breast can be a form of nipples. Pay attention to your nipples: or drawn into their flat shape complicates breast grab the baby, this sluchyae crumbs difficult to hold the breast in his mouth. Be persistence and patience. In the early days, offering the breast, well, keep baby's head. To pull the nipples before breastfeeding do special exercises. Being in the nursing home, ask for help from an experienced midwife or lactation consultant. Do not worry, it's a temporary problem: as a rule, not a month passes, and the kid he pulls the nipple as it is more convenient for him.

Step 3:

If a child under the age of one month is curved at the breast, it is possible that it can not cope with the high flow of milk. To help him, decant a little, and let the chest again.

Step 4:

Baby over months can behave in this manner due to the fact that the milk flow has become weaker, respectively, it has become more difficult to suck. Newborns in such a situation may fall asleep at the breast, but as they get older, they begin to complain about the scandals or arching, especially if they have experience of sucking a bottle or pacifier. So do not accustom crumbs to them, otherwise it will quickly realize that there are more convenient for sucking things, and refuses the breast.