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How to make the child's father

Unlike motherhood, which is easy to establish the fact of paternity in some cases can be questioned. Therefore, there is a special registration procedure for men as the father of the child.

How to make the child's father

Instruction how to make a child his father

Step 1:

If you are married to the father of the child, upon receipt of a birth certificate, add to the package of documents passport husband and your marriage certificate. As the father of the child's spouse is recognized automatically, additional documents are needed. The same procedure applies in the case with the father of the child you are divorced, but between this moment and the birth of a son or daughter has been less than 300 days.

Step 2:

At registration of paternity of a man who is not married to you, get a written statement from him that he considers himself the father of the child. In the registry office when applying for a birth certificate were present have both father and mother. Likewise, should Remain true, if you are married to one man, and the father of the child feel different. However, be prepared for the fact that such a decision may be challenged in court your current husband, if there is strong evidence of this.

Step 3:

In the case where the child's father refuses to recognize, apply to the court to establish paternity. Extend this paper child's birth certificate and a certificate from the place of its registration. The court will investigate, and, most likely, will appoint a genetic examination. Only such a study for paternity is legally binding. The same analysis was carried out on an unspecified judge clinics by private initiative of parents, it can not be accepted as an official certificate. The same action may apply, and a man, if a woman refuses to recognize his father.