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How to make vegetable soup

The appearance of the first teeth of the baby - a signal to the fact that it is possible to introduce solid foods. Although if the teeth are very late, the introduction of an additional type of food you need to start in 5-6 months. Vegetable puree - this is the first solid foods recommended. They are fairly easy to digest, do not irritate the digestive tract crumbs and contain a lot of nutrients. Especially desirable vegetables to children who are prone to constipation.

How to make vegetable soup

Instruction how to make vegetable soup

Step 1:

Start with the introduction of complementary foods monopyure, ie prepared from a vegetable. For starters suitable zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes.

Step 2:

Cook vegetables or cook in a double boiler. If you are not sure of the ecological purity of the product, soak it before cooking for an hour, then most of the nitrates and chemicals used for pest control, go into the water. The water, of course, should be discarded.

Step 3:

Cooked vegetables grind in a blender, bring to a semi-liquid state by the addition of vegetable broth. no need to add to the beginning of the salt and vegetable oil.

Step 4:

If you live in a region where it is difficult to find high quality fresh vegetables, canned let children. They prepared their organic products, vegetables harvested in the growing season, and their quality is strictly controlled.

Step 5:

Warm up canned in a water bath, and not in the microwave. Or just add a little boiling water.

Step 6:

Remember that any complementary foods should be administered very slowly. Start with one teaspoon a day, every day with increasing dose and within two weeks to bring 100-180 g, according to the child's appetite and addition.

Step 7:

Lure given before breast-feeding, and gradually replaces one of them.

Step 8:

A week later, try adding a few drops of vegetable oil. To salt, start closer to the year and gradually reduce the homogeneity of the puree.

Step 9:

In the process I closely watch the reaction of the baby: the state of the chair and the skin. Increase the dose only if everything is in order.

Step 10:

If the child appeared negative reaction, stop feeding up, wait for the normalization of the state and try to give a different vegetable.

Step 11:

After 2-3 weeks monokomponentny feeding can be administered a mixture of two vegetables, again gradually adding new product and carefully monitor the condition of the child.

Step 12:

In the absence of allergic reactions from 7 months, add carrots, squash, beets, herbs, tomatoes. You can enrich a small amount of mashed egg yolk, cheese, butter, cream.