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How to make your baby has

Young children quickly grow and develop. Changes their abilities, skills, needs, and character. It is often the parents in this period are faced with the problem of feeding the baby. If the child is not eating, then the cause must be sought in the methods and means of your upbringing. If a family strictly observed eating hours - complain of poor appetite baby during meals is not necessary.

How to make your baby has

You will need:

Set on the first year of life a clear diet, self-educate your baby, eliminate snacks, more walk in the fresh air.

Instruction how to make the baby has

Step 1:

There are families in which the children have taught the songs, dances and grandparents. The point here is not the appetite, a spoiled child unnecessary attention. It gives him pleasure, becomes a habit. Making the baby to eat in such a family is difficult. Grandparents want to spoil their grandchildren. And the parents of the child uncomfortable to make a comment elders. That's a vicious circle. Therefore, if you are living together with their parents, the main concern for the education of their child take over. Then they will not actively participate in the process. It is no secret that often young parents try to move all the care of the child on their dads and moms. And grandparents try anything not to deny their grandchildren. Here and there are further problems of this kind.

Step 2:

A major role in feeding the child's daily routine plays. Children living on the regime, less capricious and better eating. This is due to the fact that they produced certain reflex. Their stomach begins "ask" the food at the same time. Therefore, these children eat always with gusto, without any coaxing. Do not give your child snacking between meals buns, sweets, biscuits. If you refuse it in such "snacking"You will see: two hours later he will ask there. Sweets, fruits, berries must be given within the prescribed hours. Since they contain sugar. He permanently reduces the secretion of saliva.

Step 3:

Feed the baby should be only when he wants to. Experts believe that the main thing - not zakarmlivat child. After all, many parents just seems that the baby does not eat. They need to know that the child is not peculiar to starve. When the body requires food - a child is always eating. Poor baby's appetite may be associated with a few walks. More often walk with him in the fresh air.

Step 4:

Try a variety of dishes. Monotonous food quickly bored child. Beautiful and original table decoration promotes good appetite. For three years already possible to draw up food with your child. This not only helps you to feed him without hysterics, but also to develop his imagination and creativity.