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How to measure the child's foot size

It is not always able to take the baby with him to the store to shop. But before buying shoes for your child, you need to know the size of his feet. It is possible to know the parameters of its legs using simple techniques.

How to measure the child's foot size

Instruction how to measure the child's foot size

Step 1:

To measure the baby's leg, put it on a clean sheet of paper and trace the contour of the foot. Do this in the evening, t. To. Even young children to the foot end of the day can swell a little, so you get more accurate figures. When you come to the store and pick up shoes, attach the insole of this model on the circuit legs of your baby. Keep in mind that this is a "pure" without taking into account the size of socks and insoles fur in the case of buying winter boots. Therefore it is better to take a shoe size larger. When purchasing be sure to consider not only the length but also the width of the foot.

Step 2:

The exact size calculated from the tabulated data. Shoe size 16 corresponds to the length of the foot from the tip of the big toe to the heel equal to 10 cm, 17-10,5 cm, 18-11 cm, and so on. D. The increase in size occurs every 0.5 cm, respectively. If the left foot is slightly different from the right , guided by the big numbers.

Step 3:

For the selection of shoes is important to know more about the rise of the foot. Make a wet track footprint child for this wet leg and attach a piece of paper. According to these data, you can identify flat and take action in time. To reduce flatfoot select for baby shoes with orthopedic insoles, as well as periodically show his orthopedic surgeon. In late begun treatment this pathology can lead to disorders of the spine, abnormal distribution of load on the skeleton, and so on. D.

Step 4:

You can make payment shoe size along the length of the foot follows. Measure the child's foot length from the tip of the big toe to the heel and divide the resulting figure in half. For example, the length of 17 feet, half of 8.5. Rounded up to 9, and add to the original data. Turns 26, it will be the size of the shoe.

Step 5:

Note that the data correspond to the Russian system of footwear sizes. If you order the shoe or shoes for your baby anywhere in Europe or the United States, first check against their size chart. These data are in foreign shoe stores, both conventional and working through the Internet.