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How to measure the growth of the newborn

Children grow quickly, literally by the hour. Mom will understand it very soon when bathing: bath it begins to seem less and less, and the grown child is in it hardly fits the end of the first year. The growth of the baby is determined first in hospital and then to the children's clinic in a special Stadiometer in the supine position. Houses newborn growth is also easy to measure.

How to measure the growth of the newborn

Instruction how to measure the growth of the newborn

Step 1:

Table move the one side against a wall. Put your baby on a table covered with a diaper. The child's head position so that it fits snugly against the wall. The legs should straighten and gently squeeze to the table so that they lie flat, and the child could not bend them. Stops should be placed at a right angle. To crown puts the line or bar, the feet can make a book, and then measuring tape measure the distance between them.

Step 2:

After being discharged from the hospital a month visit the children's clinic, where the doctor will determine the dynamics of the physical development of your child, and calculate - whether it corresponds to the age. There are various methods of calculation - one of them: - Age; - The optimal weight gain in height (in centimeters - Optimal weight gain (in grams), 1 month (3 - 3.5 cm) - 600g 2 month (3 - 3.5 cm) - 800g 3 month (3 - 3.5 cm) - 800g 4 month (2.5 cm) - 750g 5 month (2.5 cm) - 700g 6 month (2.5 cm) - 650g 7 month (1.5 - 2cm) - 600g 8 month (1.5 - 2cm) - 550g 9 month (1.5 - 2cm) - 500g 10 per month (1 cm) - 450g 11 per month (1 cm) - 400g 12 per month (1 cm) - Weight 350g baby should match its growth.

Step 3:

Be sure to write down the growth of the child at least once a month in the form of a graph, since growth at birth and then his monthly indicators. The average growth rate of the newborn is typically 50.5 cm in the first three months the child grows up to 3 cm on a monthly basis, over the next three months by 2.5 cm, in the third quarter of the year to 1.5 cm, in the fourth -. 1 cm per month . The one-year growth of the baby should reach an average of 75 cm.